Handcrafted Quality

How a shaker Oval box is created.

Here is the bent box, ready to dry for

at least two days. A custom top is then shaped to fit each individual box.

Step two: is to run them through my drum sander until tooth marks are removed and I have a uniform thickness, which for these boxes needs to be just a little more than 1/16". They then need to be hand sanded till they are smooth.

Step three: Cut the stock to it's final

height and length. Then cut the tails and drill the holes.

Step One: Is to slice thin pieces (about

1/8" thick) from a larger slab. This is done on a bandsaw.

Step four: Boil the strips in hot water for about 20 minutes. This makes them pliable enough to bend around the form. They are then tacked together and put into a drying form for at least two days.

This leaves me with these very nice,

thin slices that now need to be sanded.